Book 112. The Missing Barbegazi by H.S Norup

The Missing Barbegazi is possibly one of the best children’s books I’ve read this year. Tessa has very recently lost her Opa and her Oma is heartbroken.
To reconnect with his memory, Tessa follows his paths up the snowy mountain trails where she skis, in hopes of seeing a mythical Barbegazi.
No-one believes they exist apart from her, and her Opa, who said he had been saved by one.

Gawion, a Barbegazi, loses his sister in an avalanche, and when she cannot be found, the whole family worries she has been taken by a human. While he battles with his strict, scared parents to look further a field for Maeg, Gawion saves a strange, small human who has fallen into a hole in the ice.

Together with some help from a human friend, Tessa and Gawion unravel the mystery of Maeg’s disappearance, forging a bond of trust and small magic between the two species.

There are talking dogs, mysterious professors who are experts in Elves and a crossword loving Oma who Mum has to look after. Tessa is tested in her stamina on the slopes and in her heart, as is Gawion’s bravery and memory magic.

It’s a magical little story about unlikely but much needed friendship, and I’ll definitely be recommending this one to my students.

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