Book 109. The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson

The Wren Hunt is a teen fiction book which revolves around a girl called Wren who is an Augur, and her infiltration of the dreaded Judge’s territory at the urging of her family. As an Augur she has a gift, she can see the future in random patterns in the world. Judges have an affinity to nature, and their power comes from there. It’s a fantasy with magic and Irish lore with hints of history playing a part in the present. It’s incredibly descriptive, and in some parts poetic. 

There are parts of it that need explaining a little bit more, for me at least, David and Wren’s relationship seems to have had a lot more than is told to us, the readers. I felt distant from a lot of the other Augurs, the only really developed characters were Wren, Tarc and Cassa, to me at least. 

There are extracts of diaries and records at the beginning of each chapter from a girl who Wren seems to have a connection to from the beginning,  and as it got closer to the end I was amazed when Tarc didn’t turn into a tree or something. 

It’s not highly logical and it’s a bit Romeo and Juliet at times, but all in all it’s a nice little book. 

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