Book 108! Witch Born by Nicholas Bowling

I think this book wins most beautiful cover of the year, book number 108 (!! omg how on EARTH did I manage to get so far?!) Witch Born was a great little novel, set in Elizabethan times, during the height of the Queen War between Elizabeth and Mary. 
Alyce is the daughter of an accused witch being hunted by witch hunters, where she is quickly found and burned. This is just the start of the horrible ordeal Alyce has to go through to find out what she truly is, and where she’s meant to be. 

With mentions of historical names like Doctor John Dee and  to-be Sir Walter Raleigh it combines history with just a tad of fantastical drama. I think that would be a big appeal to teens who find regular history a bit too hard to get into at first. 

I found this book quick and easy to read, and I think many people will pick it up for that cover and stick around for the story. 

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