Wow! All these books and no time to read them! #SLAYLG17 and #HarryPotter20

I had such lofty ambitions since my last post, but since then I’ve been completely overrun by work, and books, and haven’t had time to sit down and read any of them!

I went to the joint SLA & YLG conference in Harrogate, last weekend; and have spent the week at work trying to figure out what to do with all these wonderful new proofs and copies I have!


This is only a small selection of the swag I got, along with gaining about 5lbs purely in cupcakes.

I also decided that that weekend was the weekend to get a Twitter account  which you can follow and look at all the marvellous tweets there were from that weekend. I learned an awful lot, my particular favourites were a talk about Eileen Colwell and Teenage Mental Health by Natasha Devon from the Self-Esteem Team.

And then, the day after I got back, my colleague and I ran a very successful #harrypotter20 event at our library.



She made an excellent Prof. Trelawney in my opinion!

So this week I’ve been trying to stay awake and wondering what to do with all these marvellous new books, because I had 100% full shelves anyway. A trip to Ikea soon I think!


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