Meet my books!

So I thought since my books are now beautifully arranged again after being separated by smaller shelves for two years, I’d let you guys have a look at them!


First off, my fiction A-Z minus King, you’ll see why in a minute. It’s nearly all sci-fi or fantasy here, a few just general fiction. Between my husband and I, we’ve got a whole lot of Eddings, Sanderson, Hobb, Canavan, McIntosh and Anderson. I’m also a real big fan of Nix and John Twelve Hawks.

This is my tiny randoms shelf, the beautifully bound, very old or non-fiction of my collection resides here. I have to admit since this photo, I’ve added another beekeeping book and another on witchcraft.

Our older books are some of our most prized, we have The Story of Marie Antoinette published in 1897, Ruskin’s Fronder Agrestes from 1904, Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby 1907, J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan from 1947 (we think) as well as a gorgeous Grimms Fairy Tales from the 1930s.

And here’s all my Kings!
They fit quite nicely all together on their own little shelf, I need to update these soon as I’m getting behind, he’s just SUCH a prolific writer!

You can also get a sneaky look at some of my work here, this contact sheet was one of many from my Final Major Project during my BA Hons.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little shelf tour! It’s nice to show you guys things other than what I’ve read. If you prefer to see this sort of stuff I’m sure I can think of other stuff to show you, or leave your own suggestions in the comments!


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