About me

I thought after 20 posts on here it was time to introduce myself a bit better,

I’m L-B, yes that’s a real name I go by, and I work in a library almost full time. There’s a small debate as to whether this makes me a librarian or not. I sadly don’t have the honor of being bestowed with an Masters in Librarianship or Library Science, but these days the call for actual librarians is dwindling and I simply don’t think the money is worth it considering the job I get to do with a plain old Ba Hons. That being said, I work with the public, and books and most of my customers call me a librarian and I don’t correct them. I like being called one.


I’m very much on the alternative side of life, my photography, style and interests reflect that. I love tattoos, changing my hair colour and make-up. I also love being outdoors, hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, camping although I don’t get to do enough of it these days. I’m a feminist, I hate it has to be pointed out and not just taken for granted, I try to work with taking bigger steps in my work for inclusion and equality.

I’m a mother to a beautiful two year old boy called Korben.

So there’s a little bit about me, and my life! I hope you enjoyed reading if you got this far!


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