Librarian recommendations

Following on from my last post about the 2017 Reading Challenge, here’s a post about the books I recommend as a librarian. Hopefully this will help a few people doing the same challenge as me!

Witchcraft/ Spirituality: Marina Baker’s Teenage Survival Guide,

I have loved this book since I was 12, it’s got some great advice for teens, and as an adult I come back to this book almost every year to go through it. It’s the opposite of patronizing, covers a whole load of topics and makes you care about the earth just a little bit more.

Sci-Fi: Liz Williams The Poison Master,

Another old favourite, sometimes confusing but I love the world Liz William’s has created and it’s alternate historical story. Alivet is an interesting character, and even though there’s a confusing romance aspect I still really like this book.

Fantasy: Trudi Canavan’s The Magician’s Guild,

I’m really into books with female main characters, especially if they learn and grow throughout the books, Sonea was my favourite rebellious teen in fiction for the longest time, anyone who learns a bad thing for a good reason is a fun person to read about in my opinion.

Horror: Stephen King’s Misery

Any of King’s could have appeared here, I am a huge fan and collector of his works, but Misery will always have a special place in my heart as the first and so far only book to make me actually throw up. Many will have seen the adaption but I promise the book to be better in so many ways.

Young Adult: Garth Nix’s Lirael,

Second in the Old Kingdom Series, this fantasy novel features my favourite type of person, a librarian, sure she might also dabble in necromancy but she’s still very very relatable.

Supernatural Fiction: Glen Duncan’s I, Lucifer

I mainly love the description of experiencing human life for the first time, Duncan has a way of describing everything so perfectly you can picture everything, sometimes, you may not want to, but that’s another issue.

Romance/Magical Realism (is it a genre? Who cares!) Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyle

Some parts are gross, some parts are weird, but I liked this book, I liked that it was slightly confusing and had a few different stories rolled into one, I liked the annoying characters and I think it’s worth being given a chance.

Fun Fact: Garth Nix is currently the only author on this list I have met. So far….

So there’s a few of my favourite books! I always like to hear what you think of my suggestions, so please let me know if you picked any of these up after seeing my post!


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